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Let your customers' voices be heard with our CFM solution!

What is "CFM"?

What is "CFM"?

CFM stands for customer feedback management, that is the structured collection, analysis, and processing of customer inputs regarding all value creating dimensions of a company. CFM helps you optimise your customers' experiences, and to design more efficient business processes.

Our software captures your customers' feedback in real time and right in the context it arises. It's consistently available for all touchpoints and differentiates between business cases. Results are available - anytime, anyplace - via our automated, easy-to-use dashboard. Because of the software's modularity we're able to scale the implementation appropriately and therefore offer affordable pricing for all companies, no matter if it's an agency, medium-sized enterprise, or a multi-national corporation.

5 "reasons to believe" in our CFM softwareRead more
5 "reasons to believe" in our CFM software
5 reasons why we believe CFM has a place in every company's toolbox:
  1. Customers expect to be heard and companies have to (learn to) understand their customers' needs. 
  2. CFM enables your customers to give real-time feedback.
  3. There's a considerable strategic relevance with regards to significant process and systems optimisation.
  4. The time has definitely come for customer-centric KPI measurement concepts. With CFM we can take the first step in this direction.
  5. With its easy-to-implement CRM360 integration, CFM is highly relevant for automating sales and service processes.
How should you implement CFM?

How should you implement CFM?

You plan to systematically integrate customer feedback into your product development or other business processes? Or you want to understand the true reasons behind online shop drop-outs? You're making plans to enrich your 360 CRM/marketing automation software with valuable customer data? You'd like to develop and implement a customer-centric KPI-measurement concept?

Our customer feedback management (CFM) software - and the insights gained from the structured interaction with your customers - will support your customer-centricity activities both on strategic, conceptual and operative level. 

3 dimensions of how CFM could be used for ... Read more
3 dimensions of how CFM could be used for ...
  1. Operative CFM: Development of contact rules and individual approaches to react to customer feedback (complaint, product review, etc.) in order to improve customer satisfaction, user experience (CES) and recommendation (NPS)
  2. Strategic CFM: From high-level feedback consolidation to process and system automation
  3. Integrated CFM with CRM impact: From identification, analysis, and processing of customer data to (partly) automated marketing campaigns
Using our holistic consulting and implementation approach we'll define goals, frameworks, implementation scenarios, roadmaps, measurement concepts, etc. and shape the perfect CFM approach for your organisation.
How should you implement CFM?
What's special about our CFM solution?

What's special about our CFM solution?

We've developed our CFM software based on the needs of our clients and our extensive corporate experience. That's why we focused on key features, a modular setup, as well as a clear, uncluttered dashboard for automated reporting. We deliberately left out needless fancy features so we can offer attractive pricing no matter the size of your company, or wallet.

Focus! That's what makes our CFM solution smart!Read more
Focus! That's what makes our CFM solution smart!
  • Modular system for all customer touchpoints
  • Standard modules for e-commerce / multi-channel processes
  • Adaptable trigger logic for inbound and outbound
  • Real-time alert logic and workflows
  • CRM integration
  • Flexible interfaces
  • Dashboard with a focus on KPIs Net Promoter Score (NPS) and Customer Effort Score (CES)
  • Independent from other data collection technologies
  • Affordable pricing for every budget
Your added value with CFM

Your added value with CFM

CFM enables you to identify potentials for improvements across all customer touchpoints and business processes. Enrich your knowledge of your customers with highly relevant aspects. Very often CFM is the very first step for the integration of customer-centric actions in companies. CFM changes organisations, mindsets, processes, technologies and sometimes even value propositions. That's why CFM is always connected to change management. We're happy to support you in all aspects of this journey.

Advantages for customers and companies Read more
Advantages for customers and companies
Optimised customer experience
  • Faster response times, if problems arise
  • Find immediate solutions
  • Improved quality of service
  • Real customer appreciation by your company
  • Possibility to exert influence (through feedback)

Optimised process control

  • Improved performance through focus
  • Early warning system for critical threads and trends
  • Possibility to optimise experiences across touchpoints and business processes
  • State-of-art lead & CRM processes (automation)
  • Expand remarketing actions

Positive impact on brand & reputation

  • Early warning system for issues endangering the brand
  • Improved recommendation rate, user experience & customer satisfaction
  • Continuous feedback on brand perception

Strong impact on revenue and cost efficiency

  • Process efficiency leads to cost reduction
  • Avoid negative revenue effects by solving problems early
  • Increased customer loyalty and recommendation
  • Increased channel profitability through improved omni-channel management
Your added value with CFM
Our offer to you!

Our offer to you!

We've had the pleasure to develop CFM concepts for multiple companies. From drawing up a strategy to the final implementation, from process design to staff trainings. Our motto is "measure, understand, create". You decide whether you want to make use of our comprehensive consulting and implementation package, or just of conceptual guidance and technical implementation.

  • CFM strategy development
  • Customer-centric measurement concepts
  • Development CFM business design and CFM process design
  • Consulting on methodological and technical / implementation topics
  • Technical CFM implementation
  • CFM governance & change management
Or pick one of our CFM modules, which have already been standardised in the omni-channel / e-commerce context:
  • Feedback module website
  • eShop quality
  • Experience home delivery
  • Experience store delivery
  • Collection return delivery reasons (store / home delivery)
  • In-store interactive kiosk

Customer Feedback Management helped us get another step closer to a customer-centric way of thinking. Our CFM modules daily provides relevant insights, which are valuable for our continuous optimisation process.

Dunja Gusic. Head of CRM & Analytics. Charles Vögele Switzerland

Overview of selected CFM features & USPs


All-In-One solution

All-in-one CFM solution: from insight / data collection to automated, web-based reporting interface.


Modular logic

Because of its modular system logic it can be expanded at will. For all touchpoints, any contexts, all devices.



Automated, web-based display of touchpoint performance (e.g. NPS/CES), including live-feed(back).


Flexible interfaces

Data streams can be freely modelled, and interfaces flexibly connected.


Intelligent trigger logic

CFM trigger logic for inbound/outbound can be configured easily.



The overall solution is independent of data collection technologies and can be combined with every existing architecture.



The customisable alert-logic makes it easy to integrate it into new/existing workflows.


CRM add-on

A connection of CFM-data to existing CRM systems and data streams is possible.



From small, cost-efficient CFM to solutions for international corporations; our solution is scalable!

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