Build your own Research Community with our Panel Management Software

What is cXfactory?

What is cXfactory?

Efficiently interview your customers - to a various set of questions arising from product, service or sales design processes? Co-create with lead users? Quickly assemble a focus group and recruit the right target customers? Invite real customers to beta-testings? 

Proprietary consumer panels or consumer research communities are a strong indicator for the customer centricity maturity of a company. With our panel software cXfactory you can cost-efficiently build and cultivate your own consumer panel. We're happy to help you setup your own consumer panel - or in collaboration with our consumer panel IhreMeinung (German for YourOpinion).

What is a consumer panel anyway?Read more
What is a consumer panel anyway?

In market and customer experience research, groups of people who repeatedly participate in surveys or customer experience projects are called panels. Panelists' names, email-addresses, and a variety of sociodemographic and other attributes are collected in a database. From this pool of people a specific subset is selected depending on the research question, and invited to take part in a survey, co-creation project - or usability test. This invitation is usually sent via email. For group discussions or one-on-one interviews this can also be done by phone call or text message.

How to use cXfactory?

How to use cXfactory?

In the past couple of years we set up consumer panels for Austrian companies. For A1 Telekom Austria and Allianz AG we built IhreMeinung. For BAWAG PSK we created (on behalf of MarketMind). Of course there are limitations to online research communities, but because of the continued advance of digital media in every part of life the only real limit is the extent of your creativity and professional expertise. Typical use cases may be mobile and online surveys, but all customer experience  or market research questions can be tackled with the use of consumer panels. This makes research communities the powerful tool they are.


How to use cXfactory?
What's special about cXfactory?

What's special about cXfactory?

You're thinking about building your very own customer feedback panel? On your own or with a partner company? With cXfactory we're offering the perfect and cost-effective all-in-one solution. You'll find all key features you need to professionally manage a consumer panel.

This bundle consists of professional survey software (LimeSurvey), our own panel management software, as well as modern web-design. There's no limit to your creativity!

Our cXfactory services at a glanceRead more
Our cXfactory services at a glance

Overview of our cXfactory all-in-one solution:

Online survey software LimeSurvey

  • LimeSurvey is currently the most powerful open source online survey software. In recent years we've implemented it successfully for our clients multiple times and only had the most positive experiences with LimeSurvey. We don't see any reason to use other tools for standard research applications.
  • LimeSurvey's success is outstanding. We'd be happy to realise high quality implementations of LimeSurvey for your company!
  • Apart from standard online research features, LimeSurvey also offers efficient quota management, a powerful reporting module, as well as various export features to Excel and SPSS.
  • LimeSurvey facilitates the communication between different channels: Its responsive layouts were especially designed for surveys conducted on mobile devices.

Attractive Web-Design

We deliver professional, modern web-designs. You can either choose one of our standard templates, or a fully custom design in line with your corporate identity.

Panel administration software cXfactory

Panel administrators can easily monitor and manage panel activity, see how many bonus points are owed / have been credited, use sampling features, assign participants to projects, manage panelist data, manage the registration questionnaire, and more:

  • Manage panelist profile data
  • Manage the Bonus-Points incentive programme
  • Extensive sampling features
  • Flexible import and export interfaces for frictionless interaction with existing survey solutions
  • Landing page for panelists: Registration, profile management, log-out, typical content pages
Your added value with cXfactory

Your added value with cXfactory

We are experts when it comes to online access panels and have years of experience advising national and international corporations in all questions pertaining to the setup and management of customer panels. Time and again we've been able to witness first hand the many advantages of running your own customer panel.

Reasons to build your own research communityRead more
Reasons to build your own research community

We've complied a list of the most important advantages:

Strengthen Customer Focus: An online access panel can be used internally in many different ways, e.g. as part of product development, during innovation processes, in the context of service design activities or "just" for customer experience and market research. The use of a customer panel is an efficient way to let (potential) customers be part of decision and design processes.

Positive brand effect: With the use of an online access panel you'll be able to considerably change your market position and customer perception for the better. A particularly positive effect can be noted on such brand effects as innovation, reliability, customer proximity and participation.

Speed & convenience: Highly efficient polling and implementation processes enable you to execute even complex research projects up to 50% faster.

High profitability through significant cost-reduction: By intensively and efficiently using a customer panel you'll be able to cut costs in various departments, e.g. market research, e-business, marketing, sales, customer service, product development etc. Companies are usually able to amortise their investment within a few months.

Increased independence: a custom consumer panel is usually maintained by internal experts, and research studies are internally set-up and executed. This strengthens your company's knowledge and simultaneously reduces your dependence on panel service providers or other market research agencies.

New perspectives and potentials: Depending on the set-up of your consumer panel you can e.g. cooperate with a partner company and benefit on combined panel data. This will enable you to not only utilise your own customers and their data but your partner company's data as well.

Your added value with cXfactory
Our offer to you!

Our offer to you!

There are many different reasons why you should run your own consumer panel! None the less, the setup should be well thought out, so that it perfectly matches the needs and circumstances of your company. What's the ideal size for my consumer panel? Which incentive system is best for my target audience? How do I best recruit panelists? How many surveys do I have to conduct a year to fully utilise existing panelists? How do I calculate the economic efficiency and which dimensions do I have to consider? What alternatives are there to setting up my own panel? These are just a few questions we're happy to answer as part of a consulting project. Send us your inquiry and benefit from our longstanding expertise.

Our consumer panel servicesRead more
Our consumer panel services
  • Consulting
  • Community research trends & benchmarks
  • ROI calculation / benefit cases
  • Methodical design of your research community
  • Technical concept and implementation
  • Full service panel software cXfactory (licence, hosting, customisation, etc.)
  • Community building and management
  • Conducting surveys for you / your company using your own panel (incl. design and analysis)

Overview of selected cXfactory features & USPs


Panel landing page

Flexible landing page design for community members


Project management

i.a. systematic sampling of participants, set exclusion criteria, stratification by predefined criteria


Panelist management

View and edit profile data, project data, manage bonus points, etc.


Sampling module

Complex sampling logic incl. weighted participant selection for projects


Registration process

Multistep registration process with double opt-in


Profile questionnaire

Flexible design of profile questionnaire, filter for participant selection


Incentive programm

Automated processing of incentives (e.g. store credit) and incentive management


Automated interfaces

Automated recruiting processes, report emails, and notifications


Hosting & operations

Flexible operations package for in-house hosting and full service hosting


Flexible data export & import

Export participant groups, re-import participant groups to incentivise them, or for response monitoring etc.


Two perspectives

cXfactory consists of a front end for community members, and a back end for administrators


A variety of editing options

Configure the panel landing page, profile questionnaire, invitation emails and more.

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