Visual Feedback

Efficient testing of your advertising material, packaging, web designs or mailings!

What is VisualFeedback?

What is VisualFeedback?

VisualFeedback is a software solution enabling online survey participants to give direct feedback on visual concepts like advertising materials, designs, prototypes, mailings, packaging materials, or brochures. It's accurate down to the last pixel!

We've developed VisualFeedback to give marketeers, product design professionals, researchers and customer experience practisioners and communications experts a highly flexible tool to involve their customers, or potential customers in design decisions. VisualFeedback can be easily integrated into already existing online survey solutions, or it can be used standalone.

How can you use VisualFeedback? Read more
How can you use VisualFeedback?

VisualFeedback is very easy to use!

  • You want to assess how comprehensible or attractive a visual concept is to your (potential) costumers? Invite a defined group of people via a research panel like to participate in an online survey or advertising material test.
  • We'll integrate VisualFeedback as a question type into this survey. Participants are prompted to highlight areas that stand out to them, and rate their impression as positive or negative.
  • Additionally participants can comment on each of their ratings.
  • Finally we deliver the results in real-time with our reporting tool. A heat map is generated and visualises which areas have been rated positive or negative.

That's how easy it is!

By the way, VisualFeedback has been developed in cooperation with our partner doloops.


When should you use VisualFeedback

When should you use VisualFeedback

Quickly and easily get direct feedback from your customers. With VisualFeedback you can test: 

  • Advertising material like print ads, banners, brochures, etc. - in pre- and posttest settings
  • Mutations or layouts of web designs
  • Design mock-ups 
  • Visualisations of product prototypes
  • Packaging material or mock-ups of packaging material
  • Customer mailings
  • Visual concepts
  • Results / concepts from co-creation settings

When should you use VisualFeedback
What's special about VisualFeedback?

What's special about VisualFeedback?

Once again we've focussed on the essentials. VisualFeedback's core features enable you to answer all relevant research questions:

  1. Participant features
    • Support for all image formats a standard browser can display
    • Optimised for mobile devices
    • Sequential representation of visual concepts
    • Highlight, rating, and commenting features are pixel-accurate.
    • Zoom feature makes working with large images easy
    • High-performance system
  2. Study management features
    • Web-based reporting module
    • Heat map of positive and negative ratings incl. neatly displayed comments
    • Heat map configuration: filtering, transparency, saturation
    • Statistical analysis of pre-defined image areas
    • Can be easily integrated into various survey systems (incl. configurable data transfer)

Your added value with VisualFeedback

Your added value with VisualFeedback

In short: These are the reasons why you should use our VisualFeedback software / question type:

  • To get customer feedback before you launch new advertising material (or other visual concepts)
  • Highly efficient testing of advertising material (time efficient, cost efficient)
  • Easily integrated as external question type into all existing survey solutions
  • Standalone reporting module with results displayed in real-time

Your added value with VisualFeedback
Our offer to you!

Our offer to you!

Tell us about your research question. Together we'll find the best solution for your company. We're happy to support with:

  • Consulting / study development
  • Survey setup
  • Programming
  • Licensing, configuration and hosting of VisualFeedback (incl. reporting module)
  • Reporting
  • Recommended actions, if relevant incl. the development of prototypes or alternative design concepts

Overview of selected VisualFeedback features & advantages


Mobile optimisation

Of course this question type is optimised for mobile devices


Zoom feature for participants

Easily switch between rating clusters in heat map view


Heat map view

Classic heat map view with drill-down for comments/ratings


Reporting module

Standalone, web-based reporting module (with real-time data)


Scalable system

Scalable to allow for any number of survey participants



Multiple visual concepts can be assessed in succession


Assessment features

Each part of the image can be rated individually. A qualitative assessment feature can be added.


Smart integration

VisualFeedback can be integrated into popular survey systems as external question type


Image Formats

Support for all image formats a mobile browser can display

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