Experience Wall

Collaboration software to visualise customer journeys

Why do you need Experience Wall?

Why do you need Experience Wall?

From bulletin board to Experience Wall. Experience Wall is our software for the visualisation of customer journeys. It enables you to virtually and location-independently create innovative customer experiences, and collaborate closely with customers and colleagues. Experience Wall can be used to document customer journey workshops, or to present project results to your stakeholders.

What is a customer journey?Read more
What is a customer journey?

The customer journey can be described as the path a customer takes, with all the touchpoints, needs, emotions, and expectations they encounter during their business relationship with a company. The combination of all these moments strongly influences how the company or brand is being perceived. Customer journeys help us outline your customers' paths and identify all relevant touchpoints.

To sum up: Receive valuable insights for your touchpoint management!

To create relevant and unique experiences for users, it's necessary to analyse your target group's perceptions, values, motives, mindset and experiences, as well as their behaviour:

  • Experience: Actions and statements experienced by a customer while interacting with touchpoints (people, tools, documents, POS)
  • Perception: Functional (technical quality, reliability, competence); sensory (with all 5 senses) and personal (behaviour and appearance of people)
  • Emotion: Which emotions are triggered by exceptionally good or bad experiences? Why aren't the customer's needs met?
When to use Experience Wall ...

When to use Experience Wall ...

You've already gained some experience working with customer journeys? Our software offers a great addition: 

  • Online customer journey mapping
  • Visualisation of emotion curves
  • Collaboration tool
  • Visualisation of segment specific journeys and potentials
  • Build a foundation for service blueprints
  • Derive concrete measures and tasks for individual stakeholders
  • Web-based alternative for journey presentation

When to use Experience Wall ...
Your added value with Experience Wall

Your added value with Experience Wall

Our Experience Wall software is the way to optimise and professionalise the way you work with customer journeys:

  • Get rid of paper and post-it notes
  • One tool to document all your company's customer journeys
  • Collaboration and location-independence yields positive efficiency effects
  • The efficient way to visualise even complex journeys, moments, and experiences
  • High data security

Added value with "journey-thinking"Read more
Added value with "journey-thinking"

We're convinced, the ideas of tomorrow can only arise by considering customer perspectives. Your added value will be:

  • Outside-in instead of inside-out: Products and processes from a customer perspective instead form a company's point of view
  • Deep insight into the behaviours and underlying needs and emotions of customers
  • Precise interpretation of interactions and specific, targeted use of resources
  • Consistent customer experience at all points of contact, especially between physical and digital channels

A customer journey can be viewed from many perspectives: Product/service, part of a process (e.g. purchase or support process), touchpoint, or target group.

What's special about Experience Wall?

What's special about Experience Wall?

Our software Experience Wall is built on our experience working with complex customer journeys in large corporations.

  • Optimised to visualise quantitative data, with a focus on NPS and CES
  • Visualisation of qualitative and quantitative information on segments and touchpoints is possible
  • Highly scalable, easily customisable
  • Visualise offline situations in an online-context
  • Rich Moments: add attachments to special moments in the customer journey
  • Server infrastructure and data storage adaptable to client needs
  • Professional API management ensures flexible interfaces
  • Version management (historical journey data)
  • A variety of filter logics for diverse journey perspectives

What's special about Experience Wall?
Our offer to you!

Our offer to you!

We guide you through the whole process, from the initial conception and execution of the study to finally implementing developed measures. Of course we also offer our Experience Wall software on its own!

  • Experience Wall:
    • Software license
    • Customisation
    • Configuration & setup
    • Technical support
  • Customer Journey Projects:
    • Methodical support (e.g. set-up, development of design principles and target-journey, developing moments of truth)
    • Support with developing hypothetical journey goals
    • Bring about a change of perspective in your project team with a scavenger hunt
    • Invite customer feedback to specific experiences (e.g. online diary, scouting, depth interview)
    • Methodical measurement of experiences
    • Ongoing optimisation of individual experiences, e.g. usability tests and co-creation

Overview of Experience Wall's selected features & advantages


Rich moments

Moments can be enriched with any data / formats


A variety of perspectives

Journeys built from various points of view, e.g. personas / touchpoints



Flexible, location-independent collaboration on journeys & processes


Multiple journeys

Combined visualisation of all customer journeys relevant to a company


Quantitative KPIs

Optimised for quantitative KPIs with a focus on NPS and CES


Flexible filter logic

Filter criteria and variables can be configured as needed


Data security

Server infrastructure adaptable to your wishes: cloud or on-premise


Emotion curve

Emotion curve visualisation based on assessment of phases


Simple user interface

Efficient and user friendly interface for complex customer journeys

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